Sunday, 11 December 2011

Web Widget Trials

We are about to launch a new fully integrated web widget in beta and we are looking for existing users that may want to take part in some trials.

The web widget is part of the next phase of Kimtag development focused on increasing the options for sharing your connections and increasing the benefits of using your Kimtag directory. The Kimtag directory currently allows you to add other Kimtags and then follow any changes that those Kimtags make. It's a great system and a number of developments over the coming months will make it even better - including mobile access to the directory and one click directory adding via the connection pages (both web and mobile) and full integration with the new web widgets.

We are hoping that the Kimtag web widget will become a popular and useful way for people to 'follow' other Kimtag users and create a useful and portable directory.

No obligation, just drop us an email and we'll get you started with the beta trials and you can help shape the future of Kimtag !