Monday, 12 December 2011

New Menu Layout

We are starting to rollout over the next couple of weeks a new menu layout. There are two problems we are aiming to resolve :

1. Ensure that users can quickly and easily find their QR Codes files associated with their Kimtag.

2. Make the menu 'hierarchy' better when using KMS (multiple Kimtags) and Branches.

To do this, we are moving the 'settings' menu link and the tabs from the settings section to a single horizontal menu across the page. This will appear above the Kimtag details on the connection page but below the management bars for Kimtags and Branches. The 'Account' and 'Directory' links will remain at the top right.

We appreciate that moving things around is annoying for regular users but this is a single change and once you see what we've done you'll see why !

As always, any questions or issues, just let us know.