Wednesday, 5 October 2011

vTags Launched

We've started to go live with Kimtag vTags. vTags allows you to create 'virtual' addresses for your Kimtag so that you can create multiple QR Codes, NFC Tags and direct links. Each vTag's performance can then be compared in your stats.

For example, you may want to create a vTag QR Code for your Kimtag for an ad campaign or your email footer. You can then track the number of connection page views (or autoconnects) for that specific placement.

You can even add vTags on Branches to create a huge connection management and tracking system with multiple Kimtags (KMS), multiple branches and multiple vTags.

Easy to use, just click on the vTag tab within settings and add a vTag. All Kimtag accounts come with two free vTag licences and more can be purchased from the Kimtag Store.

All QR Code and NFC stickers purchased from the Kimtag Store are now programmed with vTags and include all the required vTag licences.

For more information on the comparison between vTags, KMS and Branches, see our creating multiple Kimtags comparison page.