Tuesday, 4 October 2011

No NFC For Apple's iPhone 4S - Roll on iPhone 5 !

So the iPhone 5 isn't. Yet. And neither is iPhone NFC.

Clearly, the ultimate success and speed of adoption of NFC isn't solely dependent on the iPhone. Far from it. However, support for NFC within the iPhone would go a long way to increasing awareness and pushing all other phone manufacturers to follow suit.

An update of the iPhone 4 was never likely to have NFC built in. And in a way, we'd argue that the delay now in the release of the iPhone 5 means that NFC support in the next 'real' model is much more likely. Most industry commentators had reckoned that an iPhone 5 release now would not have had NFC support so this delay almost certainly changes the odds.

In fact, by the time the iPhone 5 does get released, NFC support would be something of an absolute requirement.

Now, if we can just find out when that would be...