Friday, 16 September 2011

KMS (Kimtag Management System) Launched

Finally... We've launched KMS !

KMS is a management system which allows people to group multiple Kimtags together under a single login. All you do is convert a Kimtag into the 'Primary Kimtag' by enabling it via your 'account' menu, then you can add and switch between additional 'Secondary' Kimtags using a new menu bar that will appear.

If you have already enabled Branches, then KMS will already be enabled.

This is the second of three multi-Kimtag systems we are releasing. And to make it easier to understand which one is best for you, check out the management system comparison page.

Each Primary Kimtag tag can have an additional two Secondary Kimtags for free, then you'll need to purchase a licence for more.

If you've already got multiple Kimtags using different logins, then email us and we'll give you some options (with no obligation or requirement to change your current setup).

Together with Branches and the soon to arrive vTag system, Kimtag is truly becoming the ultimate connection sharing system.