Thursday, 8 September 2011

Kimtag Category

We are rolling out a new set of features over the next couple of days.

As part of this process and to try and keep Kimtag setup as simple as possible for all users, we've added a new setting on each Kimtag called 'Category'. Current Category selections include Personal/Individual, Company, Organisation, Product, Event and Property.

The Category setting changes a number of small details about the Kimtag including available connections, information objects and the way vCard and other data is presented on different devices.

For example, selecting 'Personal' will make available the option of adding an additional 'Title' and 'Company' information object to your Kimtag.

Because we couldn't manually go through 70,000+ Kimtags (!), we've not set a Category to existing user's accounts. To set your Kimtag Category, simply go through to settings and click the Category tab.

Clearly there will be some Kimtags that won't fit into any of these Categories perfectly. There's no harm in choosing 'not set'. Categories are designed to enhance the features for specific uses so if your Kimtag doesn't fit, then you probably didn't need them !