Thursday, 18 August 2011

QR Code to Facebook Like or Twitter Follow

We've started releasing a range of connection features called 'extras'. These are additional elements you can add to connections to increase visitor interactivity.

The first of these is inline Facebook Like and Twitter Follow for your Facebook and Twitter connections. By adding these extras, you can allow visitors to your web or mobile connections page to one click Like or Follow your Facebook or Twitter connections.

To use this system, just add your Facebook page or Twitter account as usual as a connection. Click on advanced/extras and enable the inline Facebook Like or Twitter Follow extras. An inline blue box will appear below your connection like this :

QR Code to Facebook Like or Twitter Follow Graphic

The action that the user experiences after clicking on the the Follow or Like depends on the mobile or desktop platform and whether they are logged into Facebook or Twitter.

Using NFC Tag / QR Code to Facebook Like or NFC Tag / QR Code to Twitter Follow
We would suggest that if you are looking to create a QR Code or NFC Tag specifically to enable your users to 'Follow' or 'Like' you, then you might want to consider setting a Branch containing just the single connection so that you have a specific QR Code or NFC tag for this task.

Note that a number of users have asked whether it's possible to instantly Like or Follow from a QR Code scan. The answer is you can't. This isn't a Kimtag thing, it's a general thing with the way Facebook Like and Twitter Follows work. You need to hit a landing page first, or in the case of Kimtag, your connection page, before you can action the Like or Follow.