Thursday, 25 August 2011

New Address Connection - With Maps !

We've added a new address connection with a maps feature. This new connection allows you to add a drop down map (web connection page) or a link to new page map (mobile connection page).

If you have an existing address on your connection page, it'll continue to view as normal. If you want to change to the new address connection, you'll need to delete your current address and add it again. Sorry about that.

To use the new address feature, add your address into the fields under the connection. Our systems will attempt to format your address correctly for display and also configure everything ready for map view. If we can't find a map from your entered address, we'll tell you.

You can then enable the map feature by clicking 'advanced' then 'extras' and turning on maps. Note that this will turn on the map feature on both web and mobile and by default they are both off.

The mobile address is a clickable field like any other active link. The web version gets a small link for the drop down map.

Note that at the moment, address connections cannot be autoconnected (that is, they can't automatically connect via a QR Code/NFC tag, etc). This is because we are finding a number of bugs with certain mobile configurations which would make it possibly unreliable. If we can make address autoconnect, we will.

For the curious, the line by line address input format is not required particularly for maps but is part of a future release for integrated vCard downloads which require a more formatted address. Even if you aren't bothered by maps or not, if you are interested in the future release of one click vCard downloads, then you might want to update your address connection anyway.