Thursday, 4 August 2011

Google Plus or Google Profile ?

We've added a new Google Profile connection to try and sort out some of the confusion between Google Plus profiles and Google Profiles.

The current situation is that Google Plus profiles do not have usernames, they only have numbers. An example would be :

To enter this into the Kimtag Google Plus connection template, you just take the number and add it into the  connection data field.

However, a number of people have 'old' Google Profiles accounts. With a Google Profile account you can select to use a username instead of the number (albeit a username associated with your Google account).

Google can now redirect the 'old' Google Profiles accounts to Google Plus profiles if you have a Google Plus profile, which means that you can have a 'username' instead of a number pointing to your Google Plus account but you can't actually use it with the web address.

If you are still following this, you are doing well.

What this means is this. Because the Kimtag Google Plus connection links only to Google Plus accounts, you can't use a username in this connection because, at the moment, it won't work properly.

So. Either use your Google Plus number with a Kimtag Google Plus connection, or use your Google Profile username (or number) with a Kimtag Google Profile connection. This applies even if Google redirects your Google Profile to your Google Plus profile.

If this still all doesn't make sense, remember that we're just an email away and you can always ask us for advice.