Monday, 11 July 2011

Kimtag Branches : Update

Just a quick update for those waiting for the Kimtag Branches release. We are still working through some minor bugs and interface gremlins. It's a big release and it affects almost every part of the Kimtag system so it's crucial we get everything perfect before we release it to everyone. 

The beta testing has generally gone very well. There are some issue with integration between Branches and users currently also testing the Google Analytics/Custom Domain integration but it's not affecting general performance. 

Current release date is now end July although we are doing everything we can to bring it to everyone earlier. 

For those not aware of Kimtag Branches, it's a system designed so that you can quickly and easily create 'sub-Kimtags', each with their own QR Code, NFC address, web address and importantly statistics. Sub-Kimtags can inherit the connections of the main Kimtag and/or can add/remove other connections. Perfect for everyone from estate agents to businesses running ad campaigns. 

We'll keep you updated.