Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Kimtag Store Now Open For NFC Tags

We've just launched The Kimtag Store.

Currently for registered Kimtag users only, the Kimtag Store is available from the main menu. We will be  gradually introducing products to the store over the course of the next couple of months but the starter product is our standard NFC tag which we've sold offline for a few months now.

This standard tag is a 38mm square pre-programmed and optionally pre-printed NFC product supplied in peel-off sticky back format. Can be easily scanned by NFC enabled phones such as the Nexus S.

We pre-program so that they'll link through to your Kimtag with NFC tracking enabled. This means you can use our stats to independently monitor QR Code, direct, referred (web link) and NFC Kimtag page views and then how the user connected with you.

We also lock the tags so that they can't be altered by other people !

As with our QR Codes, NFC tags can also be instantly redirected so if you'd prefer not to use the connection page, you jump straight through to any destination or file that you want. And then, of course, change at any time.

If you are curious about NFC and want to see how they could work for you or your business, order a couple today and find out.

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