Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Kimtag Goes Incognito..

We've changed the default logo on Kimtag connection pages from our standard blue to a subtle white.

The reason behind this change is a to ensure that users who visit your Kimtag connection page don't get confused between the 'Kimtag' logo and your details. Clearly, that's not very likely but ultimately the Kimtag connection page is about You not about Kimtag.

All future registered Kimtags will have the default white logo on the connection page. Current users will continue to have the blue logo and can change via the 'design' tab within settings.

We are also making a number of other changes to calm down the Kimtag branding to ensure that You become the main focus of the Kimtag. These include :

1. We will be removing the 'K' logo as default from the QR Code. Embedded QR Codes, the QR Code on the connection page and the default downloads will not have the 'K' logo. It will still be available for download if you like it and want to promote Kimtag alongside your QR Code. This will only affect new Kimtag users.

2. We are tidying up the mobile page by removing the 'about' and 'search' links on the top right to the bottom of the page. Users visiting your Kimtag mobile page want to see You, not read about Kimtag or search for someone else so we're clearing this up.

3. We're removing the 'Kimtag' info panel which automatically appears when you select to display your Name instead of your Kimtag.