Monday, 6 June 2011

Kimtag Branches

We've finally rolled out a final beta version of Kimtag Branches. It's only available on a very limited number of accounts at the moment because it's a huge release and we need to be careful !

Apologies to the large number of people waiting for 'multiple' kimtag/QR code features. We know we've been sitting on this for a while but it will be full release very shortly now.

Kimtag Branches is the first part of the multi-kimtag releases. The second is the Kimtag Management System. We'll briefly explain the difference.

Kimtag Branches are what we were calling 'campaigns'. Branches are subsets of a master Kimtag which can be independently viewed and tracked. You get a separate QR code, NFC address, web address and so on. It's hugely powerful and flexible. Brilliant, for example, for estate agents/real estate agents/brokers wanting to set up multiple QR Codes/NFC tags under one Kimtag umbrella.

The second system, the Kimtag Management System is an umbrella for users wanting to manage multiple Kimtags. We've had a number of people from design or ad agencies asking for this and it's a straightforward system at launch. We've got a bunch of plans for it, like integrated stats, but the launch product is quite simple. Currently going through internal alpha testing, we'd hope to get this live by the end of June.