Tuesday, 24 May 2011

NFC and QR Code Combined

We've just sent out a batch of combined QR Code and NFC tags for one of our users. The NFC tags were pre-programmed to the users Kimtag connection page with NFC tracking enabled. The tags themselves were then printed (using our currently preferred sticker method) with a combined NFC and QR Code 'scan me' graphic. All topped off with a subtle kimtag link at the bottom.

The end result looked like this. (the code and kimtag have been changed on this graphic because the user was pre-launch). The QR Code is 20mm square. We could have made it slightly larger but it sits better at this size and scans perfectly on all our test mobiles/apps.

We weren't sure when we started but we like the result. We'll add this as an option on the Kimtag Store when it officially opens in June.