Tuesday, 17 May 2011

New Video Connection and YouTube Connection Changes

We've done a little move around on the video connections.

We've changed the input template on the YouTube connection so that it can now link to either a user account or a specific video. Before, it could only link to a user account. We've also added error checking and link format advice as well. This has meant a change to the existing YouTube connections for our users and we've automatically updated these to make sure that everything continues to work properly.

Custom Video Connection
We've also added a custom video connection which will allow users to link to any other video that they like. We still have the Vimeo connection but obviously there are plenty of other video sites and some users wanted to link to pages on their own websites containing videos. We've fixed the icon on the Custom Video so if you want to changed everything including the icon, use Custom Link instead. As always, we advise users to select the closest connection type to their media so that we can make sure we offer the best format link to users regardless of connection method. However, if YouTube and Vimeo connections aren't suitable or you want to change the title, then Custom Video is the one for you !