Monday, 16 May 2011

Custom Connection Icons

We've rolled out a new feature which now allows users to update the icons on custom connections.

To use this, simply select 'Custom ID' or 'Custom Link' and add your connection detail and custom title as usual. Then complete the save to add the connection. Now just click 'change' under the icon to upload a picture. Our systems will resize, shape and add a little shadow to make it look like the other images - as well as creating all the matching mobile versions as well.

Two things to consider. First, you can't change the icon on Custom Shop because this would be the same as Custom Link anyway. Use Custom Shop when you want to change the title but are happy with the standard icon.

Second, although you can now create any link or id that you need, we strongly recommend that you use the appropriate standard connections where they are available. Kimtag automatically modifies links depending on the way that a user connects to your page (mobile, tv, web, etc) and we can only do this is we know the connection type. By selecting the right connection type, we can provide you users with a better connection experience.