Thursday, 28 April 2011

Kimtag Directory Now Beta Testing

We've started some beta trials of the Kimtag Directory system. A few users will have access via the main menu.

The Directory system allows access to two important features :

Connection Visibility Control
Kimtag users can control who can see certain connections by adding other Kimtags to their Directory. We've initially created three levels within the Directory system : Standard, Private and Business. Users can add other Kimtags into their own Directory on one, two or all of those three levels and then set, on a connection by connection basis, which level that connection is visible to. It's quite simple to use and means you can create business and private level Kimtag connection pages with just a few mouse clicks.

Notified Updates
You can set to be notified of updates that other Kimtag users in your Directory have made to their connections. During the current beta trials, we're only showing those updates via your Directory pages but later we'll activate the (optional) email notification system as well.

It's a clever system but the real challenge has been to make the interface very quick and easy to use. We expect to make subtle and continuous changes during the beta trials, gradually rolling it out to more and more users during May with a planned full release in late June.