Thursday, 14 April 2011

Connection Advice and AutoCorrection

We've added a couple of additional features to help people enter connections correctly.

The first is autocorrect which attempts to correct minor mistakes, such as adding a leading backslash (\) or perhaps including a full address such as instead of just 'wearekimtag'. It does this automatically and saves the correct version while displaying 'saved (autocorrect)'. This feature is available on a number of connection types but not yet all.

The second feature, which is currently only available on Twitter and Facebook, is connection format advice notes when you are in connection edit mode. Provides instant help to how the format for that connection should be. Just click on the 'format help' link when editing a connection to get a few notes of advice.

We've noticed that a number of users have entered usernames incorrectly including everything from their name with spaces, to email addresses, to simply the homepage of the connection. This isn't ideal and it will clearly mean that Kimtag won't work as intended. We made the decision to allow users to save incorrect formats, because there may be particular setups which users wish to use, but provide notification that we consider the link to to be wrong.

We'll gradually roll these services out to all connection types over the coming months.