Friday, 18 March 2011

QR Code Updates

We've made a couple of minor changes to the QR codes.

Firstly, there's a subtle aesthetic design change - the k logo has been moved slightly away from QR code block.

More importantly, we've also changed the URL which QR codes direct to. They used to connect directly through to the standard Kimtag URL such as . However, because we are working now on a range of statistic features, we've decided to make a switch and give QR codes a specific URL which will be . This will enable us to track visits to your Kimtag from QR codes separately to those visits otherwise. Visitors to the QR URL will be automatically and instantly redirected to the standard URL.

There are a number of reasons for this. Because of the nature of most QR code readers, it's impossible to tell whether the visit to the Kimtag came from a QR code or not. While most QR code visits will be from mobiles, only a percentage of mobile visits are from QR codes so you can't assume a direct mobile/QR code relationship.Therefore, using a specific URL is the only option (until we've launched our Kimtag mobile app and everyone is using it!).

We avoided it until now on the basis that if someone uses a QR code to get a specific QR code URL and then that URL is passed around instead of the standard URL, those subsequent visits would be attributed as QR code visits but would not be. To get around this, we decided that instead of simply landing on the QR code URL, we'd instantly redirect to the standard URL. Which, while not completely solving the problem (as the user may take the URL from the QR code rather than the final page), it goes a little way to working around the issue. The downside is an additional page redirect in the middle which is not perfectly ideal for mobiles.

Ultimately, we decided that the risks of stats numbers overstating QR code visits was less important than not being able to track them at all. Hence the change.

All previous QR codes will work without any issues or problems. We would recommend that if you can change to the new codes then do because it will give you the ability to track QR specific visits in the future. However, if you can't, the only difference will be a few tracking stats and you'll not see any other operational differences.