Thursday, 24 March 2011

New EPS & JPG QR Code File Versions

Lots of new minor releases today but a couple of interesting ones for our QR code users.

We've added two new file formats, a 'k' logo free version and an easier download system. The JPG version is the same as the PNG version with the 'k' logo. The EPS version and the alternative PNG version are available without the 'k' logo. Just click on the appropriate download icon. Available under the 'QR' tab within 'settings'.

We'd recommend that for offline print, the EPS is the best version, followed by the PNG. Due to the technical nature of JPG, it's possible that the images may be slightly blurred which is not ideal for QR Codes. However, we've provided the JPG alternative for people who don't want or can't use the other formats.

We've also added an embedded link for the QR code which users can add the html code directly to their web pages. This is available under the 'links' tab. Just copy and paste.

Worth pointing out that we are experimenting with various QR generation technologies and it's possible that the QR codes for various image formats may not look identical. Fear not, this isn't a problem and they will point to the right place though !

Worth also pointing out that a large number of users are placing QR codes into print such as adverts, business cards and so on. We strongly advise that you test the QR codes in place at a proof stage before you do a print run. QR codes are durable but nothing is perfect and it's worth a quick scan to make sure it's working properly before you start that big print run.