Friday, 25 March 2011

Kimtag Support for Near Field Communication / NFC

We've had a number of questions asking whether Kimtag will support NFC. Google's Nexus S already has a NFC reader and there are rumours that the next generation of iPhone, iPhone 5, will have a NFC reader built in as well.

The answer is yes. Essentially, NFC chips are not unlike QR Codes in that they can store a limited amount of information such as a URL. In the same way that Kimtag's QR Codes have an embedded URL linking to a specific Kimtag page, NFC chips can have a similar embedded URL. Therefore, the NFC chip simply has to point to your Kimtag page in the same way as your QR Code does.

We are actively investigating suppliers so that we can provide our customers with pre-programmed NFC chips. The problem at the moment is that cost of each chip is still in the region of one dollar/pound, which makes mass distribution compared to simply printing a QR code comparatively ineffective.

However, this is likely to change quickly and significantly and as soon as we can cost-effectively provide NFC chips to our users we will do.

If you are interested in using NFC with Kimtag, drop us an email at and we'll discuss the options with you.