Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Hiding Email From Spam Harvesters

Because Kimtag is an open system and many users want to publish all their connections, including email addresses, we've started work on a couple of things to help protect people from having the email addresses on their Kimtag pages scanned by robots. It's not easy. We want to make sure we don't accidentally block real users. 

Firstly, if you want to publish emails on your Kimtag, make sure you use the 'email' connection so we can process the protection levels properly. 

We are doing this : 

Email Encoding
We will release today or tomorrow a couple of trials of email encoding. The aim is that normal users will see a 'real' email address and won't know any different but robots will see nothing. We'll see how it goes but if anyone notices something odd with emails, then please let us know !

Registered Kimtags Only
We have started work on a feature that will allow Kimtag tag holders to restrict the viewing of email (or any other connection) only to other registered Kimtag users. In this way, we can add substantial extra control over page scanning. Clearly, this may restrict the number of people that can see your email address, but at least you have the choice. 

Secret Something
There's a third system that we've already put in place to secretly block scanning of email addresses. To keep it secret, we can't tell you !