Friday, 4 February 2011

Features Coming Soon

We've got such a stack of features planned that it's difficult to know where to start. But to give a taster of what's coming soon :

Changeable Backgrounds
We are going to make the screen size slightly narrower to give a more compact, business card-like feel to the web version of the Kimtag pages. We'll also increase the size of the user image slightly to make it more prominent. This will allow more background space so that users can upload their own backgrounds.

Changeable Custom Link Icons
Due to the huge quantity of connections available, we can't add them all. So that's why we created the custom ID and custom link connections so that users can edit their own. We are now adding the ability to not only change the title of the connection but also the icon as well.

Integrated Help
With any fast growing project, keeping the help and advice pages up to date is always tricky. But we are doing our best and we are about to launch integrated help. This means that you can stay on the page you are on and get mini-help pop-ups and large screen width help areas to assist you in creating your Kimtag page.

We are finishing off some simple stats features to let you know how many people have visited your Kimtag page on a day by day basis. We are also planning to add some simple click logging as well so you can track which connection they headed off to as well.

AutoConnect is a selectable feature which allows Kimtag holders to decide if they want users viewing their Kimtag to automatically connect to them in a certain way. It also lets Kimtag holders set a preference to how they want to connect to others. It will, for example, allow you to instantly redirect users viewing your Kimtag to a specific site - useful for those who want a dynamic QR code redirect. A whole range of automatic connection features are on their way.