Wednesday, 23 February 2011

AutoConnect Now Live

We've gone live with a new AutoConnect feature.

AutoConnect allows Kimtag users to setup their Kimtags to autoconnect visitors directly through to a specific connection. We've launched with three levels :

Level 1 : Off
Default setting. No redirect.

Level 2 : Notified AutoConnect
Notified AutoConnect will display a visitor to a Kimtag a notification window informing them that they will be automatically connected within so many seconds. This allows the user to cancel the AutoConnect and view the Kimtag normally. This is useful for Kimtag users who wish to push the majority of their visitors through to a particular connection but allow users to cancel and view other options.

Level 3 : Instant AutoConnect
This simply redirects users instantly through to a particular connection. Useful for those who may wish to set up a QR code to just redirect directly to a particular service like Twitter or Facebook. A significant advantage over just using a direct QR code for any service is that the QR code redirect can be changed at any time.

Both features are available on mobile and web Kimtags and can be modified or changed at any time.

We are developing some more advanced AutoConnect features which we will add over the coming months.